ALL - from Pages List

By Bob Stephen

This is an experiment. Here is a copy of all published material (whether visible or hidden). Its done with a simpe copy/paste operation on the main body of the Pages List. A similar experiment could be done on Comments. There are some initial observations on this index:

  • Second line on each is unnecessary or cluttering
  • The Edit link is unwanted and doesn't work anyway
  • There are articles that would be OK for us to see but unnecessary / too private for the public to see
  • a spreadsheet an be programmed to "massage" the list and reformat it in any way desired (even dates can be automatically extracted and redisplayed in a different way or position) and the second line can be deleted or shifted up
  • The companion article ALL - From Site Map was created after this page and is a far better approach for the general user. However the approach here is the only one available if a list of Comments are required

Note: The copy of the list of articles has now been deleted because it results in a very large mirror using HTTrack.

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 11/10/2012.
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