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By Bob Stephen

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This is an experimental page version of the Site Map made using a simple copy/paste of the fully expanded Site Map (created by altering the switches in Settings/SiteMap). It only contains articles visible on the site and the bit at the bottom can be chopped off to tidy things up (Whats New to Search). Note that just the Site Map text should be highlighted for copying and not the entire page. If the latter is done then there are problems with the HTML - the entire site page will appear in Design and you will have to edit out a lot of code to reveal the wanted text and its not obvious what to do.

If this idea is used it is suggested that update info should be inserted at the top of the index page as shown below.

The update process should take anyone less than a minute and is dead simple as it follows the procedures common to anyone imporing text into a new page or updating the text of an existing page.

The advantage of this procedure over a direct use of Site Map is that the Index is now an editable site page and looks like all other pages (so links are underlined blue) and it can be modified exactly like all other pages.

The disadvantage over Site Map is that periodic manual updates of the index are necessary: about once a month should be sufficient or once new articles on the primary Whats New list run off the bottom of the page.

Another problem is that the page now generates a bigger mirror by virtue of the large number of links. It might be possible to exclude the page from the mirror crawler engine (HTTrack used).

List of Articles

Here is an index of everything on the site listed by category. The index was last updated on dd/mm/yyyy. If you cannot see what you are looking for please have a glance at Whats new on the Home page.

NOTE: The Site map copy has been demoted because it results in a very large mirror using HTTrack, see above.

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 11/10/2012.
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