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Rosemary Arthur writes :  "Hello. My Grandmother Rose Amos and Mother ran a Tearoom at 61 West Street Rockford and I was raised there for a few years after my birth at Rochford Hospital. I would like to have some information on the Tea Room back in the 1950s .I have recently visited the property which is now a little health/ Bric-a-brac Shop and I have had the pleasure of talking to the lady who owns it since the 1980s."   Can anyone assist Rosemary?

Pete Osborne wants to find anyone who was in the Home Guard at Hullbridge and Sara Jess wonders if anyone knows something about "Moats and Springs Farm House" off the Stambridge Road. Have a look at our General Message Board. Brian Pettitt has dropped a recent response about it here and a couple of other messages have been added subsequently.

Very interesting new article from Sam Byford. He would welcome any comments or new material on Ellen or the families involved. Have a look here. Also have a look on our general message board for the recent query from Sam about "New England Lane".

Laura would be interested in any information about a Shopland farm long since gone, please have a look here. She is involved with a fortheloveofhistory blog which has an Essex section that is well worth a look. (The query has in fact now been sorted out by Laura herself but the blog is interesting, so do still have a look).

Several requests for family information have appeared on our General Message Board. Have a look here.

Gemma Jones would like information about the Wilks and Marven families - see here on the forum pages. Please post a response on the page if you have any leads.

Len Bickford, Brian Pettitt and John Emberson have posted new material and there have been a few comments on articles. Best way to get an overview is to use the following links to NewPages and NewComments (which are also to be found in the top bar and hereunder).

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