Rochford Racecourse

Horses, dogs, airplanes ?

by Mave Sipple

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The racecourse was situated on Ashingdon Road between Daly’s Road and Bray’s Lane. The race course was extremely popular. Trains were specially laid on for the visitors who came in droves to watch pony racing and dog coursing, which was organised by The Rochford Coursing Club. As many as thirty dogs took part at a meeting.

A row of bungalows set back from the road now occupy the site.

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I think the racecourse at Doggetts sat behind Sapwoods and the entrance is where the the bricked up gun emplacement is next door to Sapwoods on the Ashingdon road.

By Mark Wilson
On 31/08/2016

Prior to 1938 Daly’s Road was known as Potash Lane.

There was a ‘clubhouse’ and a ‘stand’ at the dog race track that are shown on the 1938 1:10,560 O/S map, as are the kennels:,190800,587600,191600&WIDTH=800&HEIGHT=800

However the building of the bungalows had already started and by the time of the more detailed 1:20,000 map later in 1938 the kennels and the other buildings had gone.

By B. Meldon
On 13/05/2014

Seems there was another racecourse at the Lawns and that the Ashingdon Road one was also used as an airfield. Here is a little racing information and here is the Ashingdon Wiki. Anyone got anything more?

"Southend Racecourse was in Rochford at The Lawns off the Hall Road on farming grounds which are now owned by the Keddie family. The final meeting took place on 11th January 1848 ... Pony Racing continued to take place on the Ashington Road track in Rochford until 1931 when the ground was taken over by Southend Flying Club."

By Bob Stephen
On 01/05/2014
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