Bob Bowyer's Memories of Love Lane School, Rayleigh

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"I attended Love Lane School in Rayleigh from 1955 to 1957/58. 

My family had moved out from Highams Park to a new bungalow in
Mortimer Road, Rayleigh. Mortimer Road was unmade and full of potholes. At the end, up by the railway line, was an area where the road widened where the mobile grocer's van, the pig bin man and the ice cream van used to park.

Mr Boddington was the Headteacher and my first class teacher was Miss Goodwin. I can still remember screaming as my mother retreated down the corridor, leaving me in the capable care of Miss Goodwin. Later I was in Mr Edwards' and Mr Lees' classes.  The latter, I seem to remember, usually wore a blazer and had a military presence. 

I do remember buying "bricks" to build the swimming pool (pieces of card), and there was a "golden brick" if you donated enough. I don't think my parents had enough money to buy one! I moved to Earl's Hall Junior School in Westcliff when I was about 8, so missed the finished creation.

What fascinates me most now, partly because of my involvement in education all my working life, is Thundersley.  From the second year, every day we were bussed out to somewhere in Thundersley. I recall the place was rather like a disused army camp (but bear in mind this is the recollection of a six-year old).  I would love to know where it was, and the background behind the bussing of students. I assume that the school became overcrowded due to overspill population from London.

I would welcome any information or better still a photograph."

NB: The overspill school in Thundersley was Runnymede House in Church Road. Because of a rapid increase in population, the school also used the Salvation Army Hall and Caley Hall, the Baptist Church Hall and the secondary school.

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I was also bussed out to Thundersley . We went in three coaches with the number plates LUB..JO..LPG. Jo was the slowest and we always wanted to be on LUB as it was forever breaking down so we were late for school. I had Miss Palmer as my teacher out there. I was at Love Lane from 1954 to 1960 . My dad, Mr Bell also taught at the school . Great memories except for Mr Boddington slapping my palms with a ruler . 

By Diana Hooke
On 08/06/2021

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By Patricia Simpson nee prestidge
On 26/01/2017

I attended Love Lane School from 1942-1943. I remember the head teacher, a formidable lady. We did a 'broadcast' which turned out to be just a pretend! I also remember a friend called Margaret Kinsey.

By Joyce Affleck
On 22/11/2014

Just found your page. I attended Love Lane from 55 to 61. In 58/59 school year we used Runnymede, I loved it. We were bussed out and back, a rare treat as the vehicles used were mostly pre-war and at the end of their lives, and not used on normal services. Real old bone shaker Bristol k's and g's. I well remember one very foggy afternoon returning in the dark with the conductor walking in front guiding the driver around obstacles and junctions. We finally arrived back at Love Lane about an hour late to be greeted by anxious parents.

We had dinners in the main hall which were cooked by Mrs Terry back at Love Lane and  ferried by van in insulated containers. Lots of nature rambles in woods during the summer. 

It was later used by Rayleigh Secondary Modern (Fitzwymarc) for mornings or afternoons, rather than full time. We used to go Tuesday afternoon I think about 1962/3. Great times.

By Kevin Watson
On 20/01/2014

I also remember Mr Boddington, I was at school here about the same time, I am sure Steven Lovewell was in my class too. Miss Bennett from North Carolina, Mr Escott and Mr Waller are teachers I remember!

By Karen Bood was Bowen
On 07/01/2013

The american teacher's name was Mrs Bennett.

By David Booth
On 20/10/2011

I found this peice because I googled "Mr Boddington headmaster Rayleigh" to confirm a story I was telling a friend. I was at Love Lane School from 1958 to 1962 and from there I went to to an ECC boarding school at Kennylands in Oxfordshire. My memory of Mr Boddington was him coming into our class (4B) and telling us about Essex's boarding schools. The boy sitting next to me, Steven Lovewell, nudged me and said "Put your hand up my sister goes to one it is great" so I did and I ended up going. I also bought bricks for the swimming pool. I learnt to swim in it before leaving. Another strong memory of Love Lane school was an american exchange teacher from Raleigh North Carolina. She was fantastic I always felt that she really cared about her pupils and her approach was fresh and different. Pity I cannot remember her name right now.

By David Booth
On 20/10/2011
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