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This page is a little esoteric but the technique is a useful, compact and reliable way to pass around article information.

Page numbers are also useful in that they are unique to an article and can never change even though the article contents can be edited after submission and even the title changed.

How to find a page number

If someone has an article on the site its unique page number will be visible in the browser window. Sometimes it is obvious what the page number is and at other times it is obscured.

It can look like this:

or more often than not it can look like this:

here the information after the number that follows "id" is path information and irrelevant as far as we are concerned.

The page in both the above cases is 242. Generally the number you want always appears just after the word "id".

How to display a page from its page number

The easiest thing to do is come here and click on the following link, then edit the number at the end of the line in your browser window and finally hit the return key.

Note that you may have to click twice at the end of the line in the browser window so that the text there is not highlighted and the cursor is left sitting at the end of the line. Then just back delete the number 242 and type in the new one. Finally hit the Return/Enter key. Do not press the back delete key if the window text is highlighted or all the text will be deleted.

This page was added by Bob Stephen on 25/06/2012.
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