Millenium Sculpture

What and where

By Mave Sipple

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To celebrate the millennium, Rochford Council decided, at considerable expense to commission a sculpture. The sculpture was finally approved and when ready, was thrown into the reservoir.

Sometime later local divers went in, found the pieces amongst the mud and it was put together again. It was finally placed on the island in the reservoir.

No one seemed to know what the sculpture resembled, some people thought it was a swan, or a goose or maybe a duck, it was difficult to see it amidst the undergrowth.

Does anyone remember this statue?  If you do what was it? And where is it now?

This page was added by Mave Sipple on 05/02/2017.
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I had a look at the reservoir recently and spotted the sculpture on the island.  It is greenish with algae and looks like at least one water bird.  It seems flattish and slightly abstract.

The sculpture is about a metre square and is positioned on the side of the island facing towards the South Street junction.

Was it thrown in the lake deliberately as part of the installation?

By Sue Horncastle
On 05/02/2017
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