4th Rochford Cub Pack

By Nathan Bell

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Prior to joining this Cub pack, I had been in one in Ashingdon but we didn’t have a Pack Leader, and most of the time and we played in the elm trees by the Ashingdon church hall.

In Rochford, you could get down to the stream by the Hall Road bridge, so we played there…

Nobody will remember my mother. She was probably the shortest adult there and is on the back row peeping up over the shoulders of two taller ladies.

Photo was taken in the Ashingdon Church Hall, late 1950s.

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Photo:Nathan Bell's mother, in center

Nathan Bell's mother, in center

Photo:Stephen Pastfield

Stephen Pastfield

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The boy in the bottom right hand of the photo( the one with his fingers on his cheeks) is my brother Stephen Pastfield.

By Trevor Pastfield
On 19/08/2017
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