NEWS - 17th Nov 2018

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Linda Jenkins is trying to find out where her great-grandfather Frederick Lazell lived. It was in Rayleigh but she would like something more precise. If you have any ideas please leave a comment: either here at the bottom of the short article; or here on the general message board.

Peter Cottis has asked us to add an interesting audio recording of Raymond Wright which is on our YouTube channel here. Raymond worked for Rankins for many years. The audio also now has an explanatory page on the site here with links to YouTube. Peter has also added several new articles - including a fascinating one about his aunt "Mart" who lived at Canewdon (click on the "NewPages" link in the top bar or the "Raypits" link here).

There is now a new 12 part article from Martin Edgar detailing his life at Butlers in Shopland. Part 1 is here (and in the new article list) and there is an index at the bottom of its page that takes you to other pages. For completeness one of the links is to the entire article put on a single page. The index is partly truncated on iPads and, possibly, on other similar devices - just use one finger to scroll up and down and two to magnify the text so you can click on the correct link.

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