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If you want to write an article you must first register. However, if you just want to add a comment to any article then registration is not required.

Here is what you must do to register:

1. Click "Register now" the blue link at the bottom of the left hand panel.

2. Fill in user name: type anything you like but probably keep it simple and short, eg billH. Your user name is known only to you and to us.

3. Fill in password: again keep it fairly simple and short, eg secret. Your password is only known to you. If you lose it we cannot recover it but we can give you a new one.

4. Repeat the password: type in the same password again as a check. If you ever lose or forget the password then please contact us and we will give you a replacement.

5. Your first name: type in anything you like either fact or fiction, eg Bill, Aurora. This will be the name that appears on your articles. 

6. Your last name: Again type anything you like: Harding, Borealis. This will be the name that appears on your articles.

So following the above model you would either be known on your articles, or your comments on articles, as Bill Harding or Aurora Borealis. Take your pick !

7. Your e-mail address: type your exact email address ( eg; ) so that you can be contacted about your contribution, either by our webmasters or by our automatic registration sytem. There is no repeat validity check so please check it carefully.

9. Security characters: this procedure is to prevent robots registering on the site. Please type exactly what you see into the box underneath. If you cannot read the characters then generate new images until you can. Please use upper case characters but don't worry about spaces. If you see a request at the bottom of your screen to turn on Windows Media Player then please do so.

9. Click "Register": at the bottom of the screen.

10. Repeat step 9 ... possibly: if the system refuses to accept the security characters please try once more before sending us an email via Contact Us. The system will probably have wiped out all your information and forced you to start from scratch. So this second time around please try to ensure that the security code is reproduced exactly.

All is now hopefully done, but please do remember to Contact Us if you have had registration problems and we can sort things out for you.

Our system will now go ahead and register you and then send you an email when it has finished. This can take hours sometimes. When you have received the email you can then log onto the site and commence contributing. You will not be able to log in until you have received the email. Sorry about this.

We have articles on contributing material to the site, including one for complete beginners, called Write an article. If you have never used this type of site before then please have a quick look at this.

Its all very straightforward for simple articles and you will be able to keep your article in a completely private draft area until you are ready to send it to our webmaster for checking and publishing.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you run into difficulties.

Thank you and good luck with your contributions. We look forward to seeing them.

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I am interested in making contact with relatives of my grandfather, Herbert Sydney Reardon, who was born in 1904 in Rochford to James Reardon and Maria Caroline Southgate. 

I know my grandfather had at least one older brother, but he seems to have left Essex as a young man and moved to Wiltshire, where his wife-to-be and her family lived. They married and with their three childre, Michael, Sylvia (my mother) and Malcolm, migrated to Tasmania.

By Peter John Lucas
On 31/01/2018
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