Hockley Seasons

Pictorial memories

By Robert Hallmann

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Some years ago I photographed twin foals at Pulpit Farm in Hockley. I hope I remember correctly, but I believe they were called 'Moon' and 'Star'. Can anybody add to the recollections? When the girls were small we would walk in Hockley Woods, next to the Bull Inn. We had a Dalmation then and both the girls and the dog had a great time on the soft woodland floor among the autumn leaves. Are dogs still allowed? Finally a winter photo of rural Hockley. 

Photo:Moon and Star at Pulpit Farm?

Moon and Star at Pulpit Farm?

© Robert Hallmann

Photo:The Bull at Hockley looked very traditional in Summer

The Bull at Hockley looked very traditional in Summer

© Robert Hallmann

Photo:Autumn in Hockley Wood with 'Dotty' the Dalmatian sitting in where I'd imagined a stag or something

Autumn in Hockley Wood with 'Dotty' the Dalmatian sitting in where I'd imagined a stag or something

© Robert Hallmann

Photo:Hockley winter sunset

Hockley winter sunset

© Robert Hallmann

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I had a horse who was bred at Pulpits Farm in the 1960s. She was called Bracken and had a sister Fern. I believe the Arab stallion also lived there, was called Sheraan.

By sally jarvis
On 12/07/2021

We are really sorry that you find the type hard to read but, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to darken it as the type comes with the program we use to produce the site.

By Sue Horncastle
On 17/03/2016

Your site is very good, however the pale grey is a little hard to read for those with poor eyesight. I went for a walk with my dog today and felt I was getting lost. Wish I'd had your map to show me which way to go! It would be good for the council to put more way markers in and maybe route numbers. I enter near HMP and exit near Guidewoods so never see a map. It's too dark to get directions from the sun but the atmosphere is beautiful.

By Arti
On 16/03/2016

Hello Robert, yes you're right about the twins. Their names were Moon & Star. Really lovely mares that were tiny but always had massive foals!

By Carla Calver
On 09/03/2015

These pictures are absolutely stunning, Robert.

By Helen Walkling
On 07/03/2013
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