Rochford Primary School

Swimming Lessons

By Len Bickford

I was born and lived in Rochford until I got married and when I was a youngster, I went to school locally. First of all, I went to the infant intake in the St Andrews church hall on the corner of Ashingdon Rd, then into the main school building where I remember being in Mrs Brazier's class.

When I went up into the Junior school part of the complex, we used to have swimming lessons. As there wasn't a swimming pool in Rochford, we were bussed to a swimming pool at Battlesbridge; if I remember rightly, it was an open air pool that was reached down the narrow lane by the side of The Hawk public house. It was very cold and again, if I remember rightly, it was filled with water from the nearby river so there was salt water in the pool.

Does anyone else remember this? It would be nice to hear from you to compare memories etc. I can't remember if the lessons were weekly or further apart. The headmaster when I was there was Mr Baltrop (not sure of the spelling). I was there from 1955 until 1961.

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Hi Heather, Thanks for your input. I'm afraid that I don't remember the names though, sorry about that but too many years have passed me by not to say that they weren't there though. If you want to add any other memories then please feel free to do so, or if you prefer, someone can come and see you. Without being rude, you must be about the same age as me, so you must have lots of memories too, I sometimes need others to bounce off to start my brain working, so who knows what might come out from us both.

By Len Bickford
On 27/07/2016

Hi Len,

We must have been in the same class. I do remember the swimming lessons, they were not weekly though.

Do you remember Malcom Hawes, Anna Weston, Mavis Jones? Would love to hear more.

By Heather Wing (neƩ Lutterloch )
On 20/06/2016
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