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In response to a query from Jennifer Jackson in 2012, see below. RDCA Admin.

I knew Maureen Gaunt she lived in the nurses home at Southend General Hospital and was a theatre nurse.  I believe she was a ship's nurse previous to working at SGH.  Maureen became very ill and died c1973 on a ward in the tower block.  She was a fun, lovely and considerate person.  One day, I went to the ward to visit her, she asked me what I thought she looked like I didn't want to be unkind so I said she looked fine she smilingly ticked me off, saying she thought better of me.  Maureen was looking for the honest truth from a friend!

By Peter Cottis
On 06/10/2018

I was one of possibly thousands born in the hospital in 1945 when it was the maternity hospital for Southend-on-sea.

By Chris Clark
On 16/10/2014

"How high is the tower from ground level to the top most point, if anyone knows I would be very grateful kind regards - By Steve (02/09/2013)"

In answer to Steve I reckon about 38 metres give or take. The underneath of the top ring is 44 metres from the ground measured at a point 22 metres away from the base of the chimney, so a little calculation yields 38 metres for the vertical height. Measurements were taken using a laser rangefinder.

By Bob Stephen
On 16/04/2014

When the building was converted it was necessary to stabilize the chimney with steel bands and I worked on the drawings for this part of the project.

By Iain Abbot
On 02/12/2013

How high is the tower from ground level to the top most point, if anyone knows I would be very grateful kind regards

By Steve
On 02/09/2013

The boiler house as I remember back in the 1950s was coal fired before being converted to oil. It supplied power and hot water, including central heating not only to Rochford Hospital but to Connaught House, the "old folks home" which was next door. One of the chief electricians based there was Vic Bland who was often spotted riding his bike around Rochford in his blue boiler suit complete with pipe permanently lodged in his mouth.

By Chris Jones
On 05/07/2013

Hi, I am looking for a Maureen Gaunt who worked as a nurse at Rochford Hospital around 1960. My 71 year old neighbour "Katina" worked with her there when they were both in their 20's. Katina is now 71 and has never forgotten Maureen despite losing her address... and would like to get back in touch if possible. It's a long shot but I thought I'd try here. Thanks

By Jennifer Jackson
On 30/12/2012

When i was a youngster, my Dad was a painter and decorator.I remember one time taking his sandwiches for his lunch when he was painting the metal work etc on the hospital chimney. I remember him swinging on a rope from the top - he was sat on a piece of wood that was fixed at the top.We lived at the end of Weir Pond Rd (the Stambridge Rd end)so we could see him from our house.

By Len Bickford
On 02/12/2012
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