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If you already have the text for an article on your computer or on some removable medium, such as a USB stick or a DVD, then you can import it into the text window of the site wordprocessor.

Do the following:

1. Log in to the site. Start a new article and get to the point at which you could begin to type some text into the wordprocessor.

2. Put the window you are working on onto the computer bottom bar by clicking on the minus in the top right of the window - ie minimise the window. As you click the minus please watch carefully where the window goes because you will have to get it back again later.

3. Next find the document containing your text and display the text on the screen. To do this either open up your main wordprocessor and find the document using the File/Open command or search your computer with My Computer and then double click on its name when you find it.

4. You must now put a copy of the file text into the computer clipboard. There are several ways to do this. Here is an easy one:

  • Left click anywhere in your text on the screen (to make sure you are "anchored" there).
  • Then hold down the Ctrl key
  • While keeping this key depressed touch the A key
  • The entire window should highlight - all of your text has been selected
  • Now again press the Ctrl key and while holding it down touch the C key
  • Nothing will appear to have happened but a copy of the highlighted text will hopefully now be in the clipboard of your computer

5. Go down to the bottom bar - right at the bottom of the screen not the bottom of the document - and find the minimised window mentioned in step 2. It will be marked with a browser icon. Just click on the icon and the window will re-appear and replace that containing your article.

6. Left click again anywhere in the empty area of the small  wordprocessor window to anchor the cursor there. To check either:

  • type a couple of characters in the wordprocessor window and then delete them with the backspace key
  • or, if you are confident, just have a look for a flashing "cursor" which should be found at the start of the empty area

7. Finally hold the Ctrl key down again and this time touch the V key. The V and C keys are next to each other. If you kit C by mistake you will delete the clipboard and will have to repeat the process.

8. Your text should appear. Now click on the OK that appears in a small window.

9. If you have more text then you can go through the above operations as many times as you like, each time choosing if you wish where the text goes - by default it will be appended to what is already there.

When finished importing text continue as described in the help article to review your text and edit it as necessary.

If the text editing causes you problems you might be best advised to submit the article to the webmaster for editing. In this case please leave editing instructions at the the head of the document or in the information panel provided.

Good luck.

Note: The above Select/Copy/Paste process is usually written technically as Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. What this means is that you should hold down the Ctrl key and then touch the other key following the +. What it does NOT mean is that somehow you should try to hit these keys simultaneously. This way of interpreting the instruction will usually fail. Also you must not attempt to type a capital A, C or V (despite them being written in caps) - lowercase a, c, and v will do fine.

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This page was added by Bob Stephen on 06/02/2012.
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