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By Helen Barnard

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The parish church of Sutton was built mainly of stone and local ragstone in the 11th and early 12th century, probably by the monks from Prittlewell Priory.

The floor brass and the window commemorating Phillip Benson (this is misspelt, should be Benton)  the historian were removed from Shopland Church when that was demolished.  That church had many interesting features including hatchments and a Royal Arms, a bell cast in 1638 by John Clifton, a manual organ, and a fine carved alms box.

Perhaps its most important feature is the Monument to Chester Moor Hall who lived at Sutton Hall. His passion led to the invention of an efficient telescope. He used a double lens of two different types of glass and this gave us the present day telescopes, microscopes and cameras. On his memorial in the church he is referred to as an ‘able mathematician, inventor of the achromatic lens for the telescope.’ He is buried in the Sutton church yard.

A blue plaque was placed on the wall of Sutton Hall in 2003.

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Nick Turner of the Hadleigh & Thundersley Archive advised that an article and comments about the Brass of SIr Thomas Stapel, removed from Sutton Church to St Andrews Rochford, has been posted on their website.

By Brian Keith Pettitt
On 14/01/2022

The brass depicts Sir Thomas Stapel who was Sergeant at Arms to Edward III  in armour such as he would have worn at the Battle of Crecy. I seem to remember it being moved when I was a child, Dad was church warden for many years. I'm sure it was on a wall in the church and then moved onto the correct tomb, which is in the Chancel on the right hand side. I have cleaned the brass many times albeit 45+ years ago.

Interestingly there is another "Staple" tomb/grave, just on the left, as you exit the church porch, tight to the main wall. But that's 1700s so not sure of the connection.

By Jamie Popplewell
On 02/05/2020

I seem to remember that there was a brass memorial in the floor of Sutton Church, later lifted for safety and put on a board. As I remember it, the brass was of Sir William (?) le Bottellier, clad in his armour of the 1300s, from whom Butlers Farm is named.

By Martin Edgar
On 05/01/2020

It's Philip 'Benton' not 'Benson'. Please amend. Thanks.

By Ian Yearsley
On 30/12/2019
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