Roughton's Garage, Rochford

Photo:Hugh Roughton, Ted Perring & Jim Maskell

Hugh Roughton, Ted Perring & Jim Maskell

Family Photo

Photo:Percy Roughton, John Collins, Jim Maskell, Ted Perrin, Wallis Roughton & Hugh Roughton

Percy Roughton, John Collins, Jim Maskell, Ted Perrin, Wallis Roughton & Hugh Roughton

Family Photo

Cars and bikes in South Street

By Mark Layton

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Roughton's garage that was in South Street as mentioned in previous posts was originally owned by my Grandfather Hugh Roughton and his brother Wallis (known as Walla). During the war years Hugh was in the RAF (Spitfire mechanic) following his squadron in North Africa & then into Italy whilst Wallis remained at home manning the shop. Unfortunately Hugh died in 1956 leaving Wallis to run the garage on his own and I never got the chance to meet my granddad, although I still have some old tools that belonged to him. Round the back of the garage lived Percy & Lottie Roughton (Hugh & Wallis's parents) and two aunts Effie & Lyle who I can remember visiting as a youngster. The two aunts lived in two little cottages with flag stone floors and tiny little kitchens whilst the others lived in a much 'posher' house across the yard.

The workshop was just a pile of old car parts around the outside against the wall up to almost head height with whatever car was being worked on in the middle of it all. Was it re-cycling 1960's style? Ted Perrin also worked at the garage for all of his working life up to his death except for a break in the army during the war. They also supplied fishing gear & bait and I was once told a  story that one day Wallis went down to the cellar to get some live maggots for a customer to be confronted by a swam of flies one hot summers day, they had all hatched out! They also sold & repaired bicycles and I got my first proper 'big' bike from the garage, not sure if my Dad got any discount though! 

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As boy in the 1950s I used to take my dad's radio acculmulater to be charged walking from Stambridge Rd. I would then pick-up a few days later.

By Terence Buckingham.
On 24/06/2020

Hi Patricia, sorry to have taken so long to reply. I do remember you from Rochford junior school, there are a few others, Pat Wellington, Jean Fitch, Richard Vaughan, Daphne McClaren, Peter Cottis, John Whittigham, Cynthia Edwards. Moved away from Rochford when I was 18, now living in S.W. France.

By Jennifer Roughton
On 14/12/2017

My family always got their bike bits at Roughtons.

When the siren went off Mr Roughton would come out of the garage on his bike to go down to the fire station.

By Trevor Pastfield
On 07/07/2017

Hi Jennifer, I gather from what you have written above you were Jennifer Roughton. We were in the same class at school either at Rochford Junior or Rochford Secondary Modern, maybe both. I recall your name it was just to say hi. My maiden name was Hunt. 

By Patricia James
On 14/06/2017

Wallis was my father, I have some photos of Uncle Hugh and my grandparents.

Jennifer, if you want any photos put on the site please give me a ring or drop me an email (Bob Stephen, webmaster)

By Jennifer Barker
On 25/05/2017

Goodness!  I'm Wallis' granddaughter. What a small world, does that make us cousins of some sort?

By Aimee Tidman
On 22/05/2017

There are some comments about Roughton's Garage in the Comments Section of this page:

By Bob Stephen
On 31/10/2016

Here is a link to Google Street-view taken from the same location as the first photo:,0.707108,3a,75y,293.6h,82.33t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sDUEyWaygyZci8Cq18P3UHQ!2e0

As previously mentioned I worked there in the early 1980's when it was a bike shop.

By B Meldon
On 19/02/2015
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