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Ferry Road in the 1900's

By David Whiffin

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Postcard from the early 1900's published by S. Hill of Paglesham.

Probably the earliest view of the top end of Ferry Road in existence. At this time Ferry Road was simply known as High Road, High Street or Main Road according to who you spoke to. It was around 1920's/30's when it became known as Ferry Road.

On the extreme left of the picture is the Mission Hall built 1890. Further on there is Shell Cottage then of tarred weatherboard construction and two other adjacent houses.

In the distance is the old Church of England Chapel recognizable by the church like window on the side wall. Built by public subscription in 1856. The Rev. John Harding curate for the parish visited the Chapel once a week to preach. The building was in regular use for church services until around 1886. It also served as the school room until 1902 when the council school was opened. The Chapel was eventually demolished about 1920.

On the right of the picture is Well Cottages before they became shops. Also of interest is the completely unmade state of the road and the gas lit lamp post near the old Chapel.

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Hi all, Removed photos are now back. Enjoy and make copies if you wish. Email the site if you need instructions on how to get at full sized versions of the small images shown. Regards, Bob Stephen - Admin.


Hello Bob, Thank you for getting in touch. Since I emailed you things have come to light regarding the photos where I found the previous owner, not Mr Cook who took them, is selling copies on various sites. I investigated the matter of copyright and although I hold the original photos I do not have written instruction re copyright so I am very happy for you to use the images without copyright embedded and for anyone to take copies. The more the photos are distributed the less likelihood there is that the previous owner can make more money out of them. Keep up the splendid work. Best Wishes, Gary


Hi Gary,

I came across this when sorting out the email system. Seems your email fell between stools.

We have now taken down the articles containing the disputed photos.

If you are happy for us to reinstate them could you send us an example photo containing your copyright notification, and also a separate notification that we could overlay at an appropriate size.

Regards, Bob Stephen

By Bob Stephen
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Hullbridge Postcards 5 to 7 have been removed from the site - see below for an explanation ...

Back in 2013 I uploaded several contributions containing postcard photos by a Mr A. Cook to the Hullbridge site. Two companies by the name of Alamy and Chronicle Archives have been selling copies of the photographs. I have been contacted by the person who has the 'raw images' asking me to remove them. To avoid any conflict would you be so kind as to delete the following contributions:

Hullbridge Postcards 5. (Post office and Mayfield Club) Hullbridge

Postcards 6. (The Davis Caravan Camp) Hullbridge

Postcards 7. (Shell Cottage)

Thank you, David Whiffin.

By Bob Stephen
On 14/08/2019
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