George and Dragon, Churchend

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By Helen Barnard

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The George and Dragon pub on Foulness Island was originally 3 cottages. It was also the Post Office and village shop, but it has been closed for some time now.

There were two other inns on the island, The Rochford Volunteer and The King's Head, but these closed before the George and Dragon.

Did you drink at any of these pubs? Did you work there? Please let us know. 

Footnote from RDCA-Admin following comment below from Fred Farenden:

The George and Dragon closed in 2007. The post office and shop were separate from the pub and continue to function to this day - but not on Sundays. The only time non-residents to the island can get to see Churchend is to visit the Foulness Heritage Centre on specific Sundays and then, if they decide to leave the Centre on foot they must stick to the footpaths. The churchyard is accessible but the church itself is in a dangerous condition and is surrounded by barriers. Just beyond the churchyard is the pub and just after that the post office and shop.

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Interested in the history of foulness Island as i have some ancestors from the Island as i was told when i was a small boy!

My parents lived in Westcliff on Sea before they moved to Barnet in North London and the ancestor were on my Father's side nee Wallakker /Cripps ?

By Simon burles
On 12/07/2021

Hello, I know this is over 6 years late, but i was reading  the earliest comments by Fred Farenden, the  ex licensee of the George and dragon. In  these comments Fred mentions writing a book about his life there. 


Unfortunately I cannot find any records of the book online, is it for sale anywhere? Honestly this sounds like something like should be archived and not lost to time! Sounds like such an interesting read.  


If anyone can help me find any info about this book, I'd really appreciate it.  Contact me at 


Also Fred, if you see this message, maybe you would consider uploading your book to (If it's not for sale anywhere) So your book will never be lost to time and people will be able to enjoy it for hundreds of years. 


By Dylan
On 22/12/2020

Hi, I’m ancester of the Bennewith family and have decided to start a Bennewith Ancester group on fb. All welcome.

By Debbie semple
On 18/09/2019

It appears my mothers side of the family are related to James Bennewith/Jane Brooks through son William/Susan Juniper m South Ockendon 1805 their son William Bennewith/Hannah Butcher m London 1832. Their daughter Jane Amelia Bennewith m John Frost Hammersmith 1853. Daughter Alice Frost m William Chitty 1877. Their daughter Ada Chitty m William Thomas Davey Richmond 1894 Their daughter Doris is my mother born 1910. I hope this helps.

By Barry Norman Pratt
On 03/06/2019

Hi Ginette. The pub and church are closed to visitors but the Heritage Centre is open every first Sunday of the month during the summer. Have a look at its opening details and location in the above link. If your cousin cannot make any of the dates you could probably drop a note to the Heritage Centre and ask if someone on the island could make an exception and show her the outside of the pub and/or the centre.

By Bob Stephen
On 28/03/2015

I am the 6xgt granddaughter of James Bennewith, the original licensee of The George & Dragon pub on Foulness. My cousin lives in Perth, Western Australia and will be visiting the UK this summer. She would very much like to visit the pub but has been told that it is not possible. Can you please let me know how I can arrange this for her?

By Ginette Bennewith
On 28/03/2015

Jackie you can contact me on this email:

By fred farenden
On 15/08/2014

Hi Fred,

Please get in touch.

Regards, Jackie

By Jackie Hannah (nee Farenden)
On 12/08/2014

Hi Fred and Megan - I've sent you an email with your email addresses included.

Thank you for the copy of the book you sent me a while back Fred - its a very interesting book and shows its not plain sailing running a pub, especially taking account the special circumstances you had to deal with on Foulness. 

Regards, Bob (RDCA-Admin)

By Bob Stephen
On 06/03/2014

Could you give Megan my email address then I can get in touch ?

Thanks Fred

By Fred
On 06/03/2014

Hi Fred,

I'm really interested in the history of Foulness. It would be great to get a copy of your book. If you have any left I'd love to buy one.

Best, Megan

By Megan
On 06/03/2014

I was the licensee of the George and Dragon for 28 years. I also wrote a book about our life there from 1981-2002.

I see on your web page that you are saying the Post Office and Store on the Island is now closed. This could not be further from the truth as from when we moved in 1989 to the Old Stables next to the pub my wife still opened 6 mornings a week making the journey from Shoeburyness each morning.

It is open Mon,Tue,Wed,Thurs,Fri  8 am – 2 pm and Sat 8 am – 12 am.

If I can be of any other help please get in touch.

By Fred Farenden
On 03/02/2014
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