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"John Gullock"

By Jane Lindsay

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This clock was made by John Gullock in Rochford, probably in the 1780s.  It has been in my family since the 1850s, and is known as "John Gullock".  It currently lives in Portsmouth.

Unfortunately it suffered an indignity in the later part of the 19th century, when my great grandfather moved to a house with very low ceilings.  A local carpenter was called in to cut about 12 inches off the bottom of the case, leaving poor old John Gullock looking a bit top heavy.


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If you do have any further information, please contact Reverend Kevin John Gullick by email. kjgullick@sky.com. To Robert Alps mentioned above, I look forward to your reply.


By Reverend Kevin John Gullick
On 08/09/2022

Hi, I'm interested in the history of the above clock maker and would like to hear more about the Gullock clock makers.  I believe I've had previous correspondence from Jane Lindsay and Kevin John Gullick if you still have my email address.

By Merryl Wells nee Gullick
On 23/10/2020

It occurred to me that the name Gullock might be a mis-spelling (there is a local family by the name of Gullick) so I did a quick check on the internet and came up with the name Bullock as a clockmaker. Please see the following link:


That link will take you to a photograph of a strikingly similar looking clock to the one featured in this article. 

By John Emberson-admin
On 12/08/2019

I am a retired clock dealer and have owned quite a few Gullock clocks. I would like to make contact with Kevin John Gullock who is trying to compile a family tree. Regards, Bob Alps

By R.Alps
On 12/08/2019

Hi Trevor, very interesting and we would be pleased to see a photo of your clock. You cannot add photos to a comment - nobody can - but if you send one to me as an email attachment I'll add it to the bottom of the main article. Regards Bob Stephen (RDCA Admin)

By Bob Stephen
On 18/10/2018

Thanks to blind luck, I stumbled across a John Gullock clock. Having read this article, I was compelled to bring it back to Canewdon, his son’s former home.

If I knew how, I’d post a picture.

By Trevor Buffett
On 18/10/2018

I am currently researching the Gullock/Gullick family tree and would welcome any information to assist me in my endeavours. Access to any Gullock/Gullick family trees would be much appreciated.

By Kevin John Gullick
On 28/02/2017

Robert Gullock, John's eldest son, married at Canewdon in 1787, and by 1801 he was living in Gravesend.  Philip Hoare/Howe Gullock was the third son.  The others were John, a stay maker, William, a saddler who moved to London, and Thomas, occupation unknown, who died in 1794, age 21.  There was also a daughter Hannah.

John senior was born in Southminster in about 1737.  His father, Robert, was a tailor, who died when John was about four years old.  In 1752 John was apprenticed to Mark Draper at Witham.

By Jane Lindsay
On 05/02/2017

John Gullock was indeed a Clockmaker in Rochford. Clocks and watches with this name do come up for sale from time to time.

It would appear he had two sons: Robert Gullock who lived in Canewdon and was apprenticed to his father until 1790 (no more info. on Robert so he may well have died in that year or moved away?) and then Philip Howe Gullock also apprenticed to his father until 1790. The business trading as ‘John Gullock’ was still in existence in 1848 but by then it is listed as a watchmakers and was owned by Philip Howe Gullock.

By B Meldon
On 03/02/2017
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