Rocheway School - II

More memories

By Richard Hall

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Seeing the photo of Rochford Secondary School at Rocheway bought back many memories of when I was there in 1955/59.

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The first thoughts when going there was how big it was compared with the primary school. It had spacious classrooms surrounding a large quadrangle and the school playing fields were vast. It also had space for allotments. I am not sure modern schools are as well appointed as this educational establishment!

Mr Wallace was headmaster in this period and the various teachers that I remember were Mr Symes (woodwork and punishment!) Miss Burnham , Mr Hipsey and Miss Issacs. In the playground, in order to separate boys from girls, there was area of 'no mans land'  down the centre of the playground. We were not allowed to cross, the punishment was the cane. Even seemingly minor things like, for example, I remember being late for school because of a cycle puncture. I scooted my bike down the playground to the rear entrance only to be spotted by a teacher who sent me to Mr Symes for 6 of the best.

Despite the huge area of playing fields, I still managed to damage the building brickwork when practising the shot putt. Generally, we all felt that the teachers had done their best with us, most people were very happy and contented and I remember the school meals were very good.

PS: In addition, I well remember WHITTINGHAMS in that iconic garage building. I bought a green Austin Healey MK1 sprite from one of the Whittingham boys and its the only car that I bought that I sold for more money than I gave.

Photo: Illustrative image for the 'Rocheway School - II' page

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I remember in 1967, back after the school closed, I ran the Youth Employment Office from this virtually empty building.

By Jeanette Gliddon
On 14/01/2022

An interesting article about the school I have many happy memories and attended 1955 to 1959. I was deputy head boy from September to Christmas and then head boy from then until leaving in July of 1959. Mr Wallace Cox was headmaster a really nice gentleman and of course Mr Symes who was deputy head. I remember the very attractive cookery teacher who all the boys fell madly in love with but can not remember her name. A great school with great teachers.

By John Moreton
On 01/11/2018

Hi very interesting article, I also attended this school and remember Mr Symes very well, a pretty scary guy! 

Another teacher I recall is Bob Light a Welshman who taught PE. Not unsurprisingly he was very keen on rugby.  Another teacher was Miss Newman, and another PE teacher named Bob but I cannot recall his second name, very fit strong barrel chested man.

By Neil Caine
On 23/12/2017
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