Retirement of Nurse Millard 1971

By Viv Irvine

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Nurse Millard was Rayleigh's midwife from the late 1940s until her retirement in 1971. She lived in a bungalow in Daws Heath Rd, on the corner of Nursery Close (now 2 houses)

During those years she must have delivered many, many babies - were you one?  I was, in 1948, and so was my brother in 1957.

In the picture the lady just behind her is Sheila Cooper. The tall man behind Nurse Millard is Dr Saunders and I think I can see Drs Nicholls & Timms at the back on the left.

She was awarded the MBE or OBE after she retired.

Are you in the photo?  Do let us know if you recognise anyone or have any stories about Nurse Millard or the doctors in the picture.


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My husband was delivered by nurse Millard in June 49. I was delivered in September 49. She then delivered our son in 70 then a daughter in 71. She told me David was one of her first and Kylie almost her last. A wonderful lady.

By Janet Orsler
On 02/06/2020

Not sure if either of these fit the description by Don but in 1956 (April) the relief nurses were N.Foster 128 London Road Rayleigh and N.Baines of Hockley. 

Nurse Millard delivered me at this time at home in Trinity Road Rayleigh. 

By Andrew Hart
On 18/02/2017

Nurse Millard delivered me on September 10th 1956, my mother and father are still alive and they could tell you about the event better than myself. I believe nurse Millard and my father had a quick tipple after I was born!

By Christine Wilson
On 23/10/2016

My wife and I moved from South London to Rayleigh in 1956. A year later our first son was born; delivered by the lovely Millie. A natural birth at home. I recall at the moment of delivery Millie ‘shooshed’ me out of the room saying, “get out you’ve done your bit”.

Two years later our second son arrived and we were disappointed that Millie was unable to attend.

My wife was frightened when the mid-wife stood in the bedroom doorway. An extremely large lady, of Germanic appearance, with a foreign booming voice, and a pretty reasonable ‘moustache’.

But she turned out to  be very sweet and gentle.

Can anybody identify her please?

By Don Brooks
On 12/10/2015

On Alan Saunder's left is Dr Bob Swinburn

By Dr Geoff Kittle
On 28/04/2011
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