North Street, Rochford

By Nathan Bell

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The Post Office and old shops in the 1960/70s, viewed from the Old Ship car park. The track beside the old Post Office is wider now to allow access to the parking and shops beyond. This was achieved by removing part of the first shop to the right of the track. It looks like the old bowed shop front has moved along the street to replace the Arthy shop front…

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I'm hoping you can give me some ideas of where to look to add some detail to my family history research. I am related to Thomas Shead Wilks who lived on Pulpits Farm on 1881 census. He is my 3rd great grandfather.  In one of his cottages (number 23) lived the Marven family. Thomas's daughter Harriet married William Marven who are my 2nd great grandparents. They moved to North Street in Rochford and were there throughout their lives.  I'm sure there is a link to Custom House too but I don't know where to find it. I'm interested in any information about these families or where they used to live. I didn't know whether you may know where I can find out more about these families or any contacts you might have who can help me. Thank you for your time. And not to worry if you can't help.  Gemma Jones

By Gemma Jones
On 01/09/2019

My Father Bas Carter's pal was Dave Gunn who was for many years one of the mainstays in the workshop of R & B.

By Peter Carter
On 28/10/2018

My Great Grandfather was a partner in Bishop and Rome, I saw the store in 1972 and I think it was in Market Square. But that was a long time ago. Been researching the Bishop family tree, I remember my Aunt Beatrice Stanton née Bishop, and her beautiful home. She had a grandson named Christopher who had just become a lawyer, would love to find info on him.

By susanne(bishop)pitt
On 19/06/2018

As many may know the Post Office was actually built as the police station in 1846 and served as such until 1919 when the newer one was opened.

It is known that smugglers were taken here by the customs officers and the two small original prison cells were still in place in the basement back in the early 1990’s, they probably still survive today. So it is perhaps unlikely that there were any smugglers tunnels.

The cannon, seen in the photo and still in place today, was set in the ground at the right hand corner of the Police Station to stop horse drawn carriages from damaging the building as they turned in. This cannon dates from the Napoleonic wars but it is said that it was in Rochford along with two others for the use of the customs officers. (I think the other two survive in private ownership in Hockley, but I could be wrong about this!)

By B Meldon
On 13/05/2014

I wonder if anyone else heard about the supposed "smugglers" tunnels around the town. One I was told ran from the cellar of the Old Ship towards the Post Office?

By Chris Jones
On 08/05/2014

As you went down the track Ferguson's slaughterhouse was on the right. A bit further down it widened out with Fance's slaughterhouse, chillers, hide store, and stables on the left. Rome & Bishops stores and metal workshops and yard on the right

By Graham Lewis
On 13/04/2013

I made a note in 1972 that Rome & Bishops was in North Street next to Fergusons Butcher's shop but, now, I only remember them as being in the Market Square, which I also noted , at the time. These 'notes' are in my copy of the Rochford Town Centre Consultation Plan of 1972, so quite old...

By Nathan Bell
On 27/05/2012

The track as above used to lead down to the storage sheds etc for Rome & Bishops. My Dad used to keep some of his things in a lock up there.In the mornings(back in the 1950's) the workmen used to come from there carrying their tools etc on handcarts, as did my Dad.

By Len Bickford
On 11/05/2012
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